EP Heart was founded by Dr. Ramesh Hariharan on July 1st of 2006. At that time, he saw all of his patients from a single clinic location and worked as a solo practitioner, covering both clinic and cases 365 days a year. Being the only cardiac electrophysiologist in the north side of Houston meant developing EP lab programs and training lab staff at various hospitals, including Houston Northwest, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands, St. Luke’s The Woodlands, Conroe Regional, and many more.

Dr. Hariharan’s philosophy has always been to bring quality healthcare to patients, rather than bringing patients to him. With that philosophy in mind, EP Heart has expanded to include seven cardiac electrophysiologists. Dr. Saumya Sharma joined EP Heart in 2008 and has been instrumental in developing EP in the south side of Houston. Since then, Dr. Khashayar Hematpour, Dr. Farshad Raissi, Dr. Rajesh Venkataraman, Dr. Sunil Reddy, and Dr. Siddharth Mukerji have all joined to provide high quality care all over the Houston area. Our physicians have privileges at more than 30 hospital facilities, and they travel to locations as far north as Huntsville, as far south as Clear Lake, and as far west as Cinco Ranch. We continue to expand in an effort to serve the Houston area and beyond.